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ABC Insurance is a strategic growth partner with contractors. We provide member firms with objective, resource-based solutions that better equip them to attract, retain and reward employees so the member firm can grow consistently and profitably. These solutions are delivered through health and welfare programs, incentive-based programs and administrative services tailored for the construction industry. Please review our  Product Brochure (PDF)

We operate exclusively for the benefit of ABC members! We are the construction industry's leading health insurance and employee benefits experts and look forward to helping you. If you are a member of Associated Builders and Contractors we invite you to request a quote so we can start working for you to find the most competitive health insurance carriers in your area.

  • 50 plus years of experience.
  • The program is directed by seven Trustees who are also ABC Members.
  • Offers flexibility and choice of products to design your insurance plan.
  • Works with over 60 national and regionally based insurance carriers across the country.
  • Provides construction industry benefits benchmarking surveys.
  • Offers value added services tailored specifically for the construction industry.
  • Administers a unique prevailing wage, fringe benefit Dollar Bank® program.
  • Works closely with ABC Chapters, providing insurance education and suppport.


Robert Pooley, Chair 2017

South Central Heating & Plumbing

Mississippi Chapter


Robert Cordeau

C & H Electric, Inc.

Connecticut Chapter


Tom Gilbank

Gilbank Construction, Inc.

Wisconsin Chapter


Christopher Lentini

Associated Mechanical Companies, Inc.

Virginia Chapter


Matt Harrell

Probity Contracting Group, LLC

San Diego Chapter


Roger Thimm

Wondra Construction, Inc.

Wisconsin Chapter


Dennis Weller

Structural Associates, Inc.

Empire State Chapter


Special liaisons to the ABC Insurance program

Bob Heise
ABC Chapter President Liaison)
Minnesota/North Dakota Chapter

Diane Koester-Byron
(ABC Executive Committee Liaison)
I.E. Pacific, Inc.

Sam Melamed
(ABC Staff Liaison)

ABC Insurance Trust