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Most employees, in the event of a disability, don't have enough savings to cover their monthly expenses over an extended period of time. Long-term Disability insurance provides the financial protection they need.

Financial Protection

Long-term disability insurance doesn't pay full wages, but it does pay up to 60% of base earnings. That 60% helps provide a steady income until an employee recovers and can return to work. And while the cost of coverage does increase for older employees, so does the possibility of experiencing a disability.

Plan Design Features  

  • Annual incomes up to $200,000 can be fully covered.
  • Premiums may be paid by the employee, by the employer, or the cost may be shared.
  • Benefit payments begin after six months of total disability.
  • Monthly benefit payments end when the participant recovers from disability or reaches age 65, whichever is sooner. (Active employees over age 60 are covered up to age 70 according to a benefit schedule.)
  • Benefit payments are not reduced by any individual disability insurance a participant may have.
  • The plan includes a special "own occupation" benefit for executives of up to five years.

Design Features Schedule
Type of Plan Based on earnings
Monthly Benefit Payment 60% of base monthly earnings
Disability Payment Begins After 6 months of total disability
Disability Payment Ends Up to age 70
Maximum Monthly Benefit Payment Up to $10,000 per month depending on monthly income

Additional Benefits

Each covered employee is automatically enrolled in the "Work-Life Program" which is an employee assistance program (EAP) including telephone and face-to-face consultations for a wide-range of topics.

Employees are also covered around the clock with "24-Hour Travel Assistance" when 100 miles from home or in a foreign country. This special benefit includes medical consultations, transportation benefits, legal and interpreter referrals and many more benefits all at no additional cost.